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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I was glancing down my twitter feed this evening when I saw a tweet from the ever excellent GravesyNT

Just so you know. we haven't 'increased security' for snowdrops at Anglesey Abbey, and our garden guides help people enjoy their visit

Now I was rather intrigued by this and a quick google search came across a story in the Daily Mail (stop laughing) that the National Trust has put extra security measures in place to protect snowdrops from being stolen.

The conservation group is so concerned about thefts of the valuable winter flowers that gardeners at one of its properties are labelling bulbs to keep track of them.

I didn't notice much in the way of labelling Friday, unless it was the little boards saying what variety the Snowdrops were!!


Tricia said...

Unless, of course, the "newspaper" was speculating in view of this story from another newspaper (a tad more reliable perhaps)about a rather expensive Snowdrop bulb!

The Wessex Reiver said...

As Tricia says, snowdrop bulbs, especially those of rare varieties are now regularly fetching £80-£100 a bulb and the recent £300+ price is just silly. Somehow snowdrop collecting has taken off and its almost the Dutch Tulip wars all over again. Hopefully the hype and hysteria will wane soon and we can all just get back to enjoying the snowdrops in their natural environment.

Mind you at that price its cheaper than filling my car with petrol these days :-)