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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I didn't see that coming

My TV is starting to feel a bit depressed. It is turned on rather a lot less now and been replaced by the radio and an MP3 player.

My MP3 player is now stuff full of classical music. When I got the classical bug I had expected to fill it with the big name works, the sort of things that features on the Classic FM hall of fame, but that hasn't gone exactly to plan.

Yes there are some big name pieces on there but I've sort of gone my own way. I've listened to some pieces on the radio and from that discovered other things. Classic FM's playing of the David's Violin concerto recorded by the Hyperion labels has got me looking at their Romantic Violin and Piano series which has lots of lovely music by people I've never heard of.

Reviews in magazines and newspapers have led me to some gems that now get regular airings.

And waking up at silly o'clock with the radio on as seen me add an album of Swedish Violin Concertos to my wish list!

This is another that is on the download list!


Tricia said...

Excellent :)

Tricia said...

Some great stuff there :)