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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Restoring places of worship

I was reading something on the English Heritage website about there campaign Caring for Places of Worship. Apparently there are 14,500 listed places of worship.

I then found a story about St Andrew's Church in the village of Kirby Grindalythe. Five years ago the church was facing a bleak future and possible closure, then local people rallied around.

The local community organised suppers, parties, treasure hunts, a flower festival and a sponsored swim to raise funds for vital restoration work. English Heritage was impressed with the enthusiasm and gave grants to enable restoration work.

The work was completed and now St Andrew's has been declared the winner in a national competition to recognise the efforts of congregations and churches in securing the future places of worship and putting them back at the heart of the community.

The repairs were also beneficial for a local man. David Land persuaded Matthias Garn, from York, the Master Mason carrying out the work, to give him a trial. David has now received a full three year apprenticeship and has been named English Heritage's Apprentice of the Year.

Curiously I'll be up that way soon.


Ragged Robin said...

You are not off on holiday again by any chance, are you Pete?!

Pete said...

there is a slight possibility :D
there was meant to be longer between them! I'll explain next Friday