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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Florida Pythons caught out by Florida cold snap.

The Burmese python has become a major risk to biodiversity in the Florida Everglades.

The snakes have secured a foothold after having escaped or been released into the wild by pet owners. Many of may remember this story of a Python bursting after trying to swallow an alligator.

This January was particularly cold in Florida and many pythons didn't survive the exteme cold weather (well for Florida!).

Before the cold weather researchers from the University of Florida implanted radio transmitters and temperature loggers into ten pythons they had captured and then released again. Nine of the ten Pythons died during the cold weather.

99 other Pythons were found of which 40 were dead. It is hoped that this has checked the spread of the Python and will allow numbers to be controlled.


Anonymous said...

These snakes are not escaped snakes, more like released by brain dead owners, who have no idea as to what they have bought in the 1st place, ie: as to size they could grow, feeding, or more their habitat! They get far to big to handle, and are much to powerful for the owner. Their size potential is up to 7m, but usually 4m.
These beautiful reptiles should be left to live out their lives, were they belong, in the wild, but more important, in their own enviroment.
They are not PETS!!!


Janine said...

Hi Pete, this is big news. Pythons are not the only invasives to have trouble surviving the winter- many exotic reptiles and fish died off. I can personally report that the cuban treefrogs around our house suffered heavy mortality over the winter. I am attending an invasive species conference at the moment and will be seeing firsthand reports of the efforts to control these species. Will report back any interesting findings!