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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Tales of Two Houses

I was laying on my reading and watching a repeat of would I lie to you on Dave when at about 9:40 my eyes went heavy and I decided to put the book down. Next thing I know Would I lie to You is still on but the panel are different and an hour had passed!!

It was raining when I left this morning but not much. I headed to Athelhampton House as it was open at 10:30.

It was still early!! So as Kingston Lacy is just down the road and I can now take photos inside off we go.

Going around the Historic Houses of England you see hundreds of portraits of minor nobility but this one is unusual. When I first saw it years a go i was struck by the ladies personality which is absent from so many. I asked the guide about her and he asked me why that one. I explained that she appeared to have a personality and apparently she had a notorious reputation for her sexual adventures!

I had noticed a rather scrummy looking chocolate cake earlier so I headed to the cafe for a cup of tea and a slice. Well I'm on holiday!!

I'm off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow my ferry leaves at 11:25 so not so many photos tomorrow. YES OC I'LL TAKE SOME OF THE BOAT :D

Not sure about wifi access so if nothing appears you'll have to wait until Friday (when I'll be back at this hotel).


oldcrow61 said...

Oh my, I don't know where to begin. That bedroom in Athelhampton House I could easily sleep in. It's magnificant. What fabulous places you see. Marvelous photos Pete. Ahem, now, for the box....I don't want to be too greedy so just put in the face on the wall (the guy with pointed ears), the object with the horned face, I can find a place in the garden for that and you might as well throw in that yellow dress. Keep up the great shots I'm enjoying this holiday.

Pete said...

re the box you pickedd things I took because I thoughtyou might like them. well not the dress but the other stuff :D

Attila The Mom said...


Tricia said...

And two houses I know; one of which I'm likely to be visiting before too long :D

The "oriental" garden has matured since I last saw it and looks better for it.

Loverly pics yet again and it's great to see some indoor shots...

Janine said...

Pete I am following your trip in reverse order and I have been amazed by the wonderful victorian artwork you've seen. Large dark ornately carved wooden 4 poster beds and bloodstained tulips- gothic and lovely. The angry green man type carved face is stunning, youve really got a good eye for picking out the striking details.