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Sunday, May 02, 2010

I went shopping

I awoke to the sound of rain...... so I didn't jump out of bed. I eventually headed out with the intention of going to Fisher's Green to take some photos but the road I was on was flooded so I went to plan B.

Plan B was not a plan I wanted to do. I headed to Marks & Spencers and bought a suit. I haven't bought one in ages and as I'm doing a site visit in a week or so.....

Oh yes you'll want to know the colour..... Navy blue with faint white stripes. I bought a tie as well.

Well off to watch some vintage Dr Who (that's Jon Pertwee as the Doctor!). I am enjoying the new one though especially the assistant :D


oldcrow61 said...

My goodness you are going to look sharp. I think we should see a picture of you in your new suit.

avalon said...

I agree with OC, where's the photo LOL

Tricia said...

Couldn't agree more OC - picture please :D

Anonymous said...

Am reading a book at the moment that says Doctor Who was written for children... I never even thought about it; whether it was or wasn't? And whether it is now?

I don't watch Doctor Who, but I can feel another rant coming on. :-)

The suit sounds cool!

Pete said...

photos? no chance.

i guess it was written for children. is it still? it can be enjoyed at multiple level.