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Monday, May 31, 2010

this and that

Most of the day has been really miserable! Dull, grey, with the odd hint of drizzle. The sun is out now!

Anyway I decided there was no point going far so I went to a small Essex Wildlife Trust reserve called Aubrey Buxton. Its a small woodland reserve with a few ponds. Highlights were a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker.

And then to Rye Meads. The car park was packed, apparently the Kingfisher was due to fledge. I never bothered to get into the hide as it would be full of people with long lenses sitting there for ages. I saw him later on with a fish flying down the river.

Lots of young birds about. I was pleased that there were 2 Terns but not sure they'll breed. There was a Little Ringed Plover.

You have to admit that Coots are wonderful parents.

I some my first young coots in a particular spot on HMWT reserve part of the reserve and in the same spot but older?


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prime Time

Went out with Dad today. He wanted to go to Lavenham way so we went to Lavenham and Clare Country park. Old haunts you've seen many times, there was a tempation not to bore you with yet more photos but someone in Newfoundland would have hit me!

I did experiment with the photos today. Wonder if anyone can work out what, you may have to open them and compare to this lot from a trip with Di and Trish.

I think I know who'll like the next two....

And to clare.