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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reintroductions 2

As an addition to yesterdays blog I notice that Defra have added the Wild Boar to the list of 63 non-native species which should not be introduced into the wild due to the threat they pose to indigenous animals.

Curiuosly campaigners have argued that the boar should live in the wild as it was a native species before becoming extinct about 700 years ago.

Defra has added the animals to the list (under the Wildlife and Countryside Act) and say that the boar had the

ability to cause damage to the environment, economy and public health.


holdingmoments said...

Sounds like DEFRA are playing God here.
Could apply that quote to a few people., that's naughty of me.

All the best for the New Year Pete.

Yoke, said...

Wonder who has a better capability to damage environment and public health?
Us? If you add economic health, yes it is us humans definitely. And are humans a Native specie?

Looking forward to all your holidays, wherever you're going to take us!

Have a good and healthy one, Pete!

Kate said...

"ability to cause damage to the environment, economy and public health."

So do politicians, maybe we should confine them somewhere lol