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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

photos in my lunchtime

The Ants rushing about! It's quite amusing at night everyone looking at the board and soon as the platform is announced they rush off!

St Andrew Undershaft it looks tiny with the Gherkin behind!

St Helen's Bishopgate which was badly damaged by the Bishopsgate bomb. I was short of time or I'd have gone in.

A night shot as I hurried to catch my train.


Anonymous said...

Might be interesting if you showed what was in store windows. Is this the financial district? Maybe there are no store windows. Turquis

Pete said...

hey Turquis

very few store windows as I'm in the financial district. I'll see what I can do,

oldcrow61 said...

Really interesting to see parts of London. Great pics.

Tricia said...

Skyline drama mixing old and new. The night time shot's good.

Lunch hours should be longer eh...

Eagleseagles said...

This takes me back when I was teaching in TH - the nWork Experience trips and the Enterprise stuff for Sicth formers.

The Lloyds Building was always one of my favourites to visit - the view from the top floor is magnificent on a clear frosty morning!
On the top floor? The Board Room - an extraordinary room.
I'll blog about it - its a good story!