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Thursday, December 10, 2009

More pics of the City

Not many shops around here sorry will this do?

The Bank of England

The Duke of Wellington

Nicholas Hawksmoor's St Mary Woolnorth

A sculpture above a building.

St Edmund King and Marytr. Now used as the London centre of Spirituality.


Anonymous said...

i like the second from the last one. I suppose its not easy to get the touch and feel of a financial district like our Wall Street. Turquis

Anonymous said...

"diverted traffic" is pretty good as well. Must be kinda dull for you there. But the weather looks good at least. Turquis

Pete said...

hi turquis, i like the second last one as well.

curiously the churches isn't just showing my bias, there are loads in the square mile

as it is it's pretty dull, big office blocks and lots of people

oldcrow61 said...

What wonderful buildings you have. That statue of the mother and child is quite interesting. Great pics. once again.