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Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Presents

An article appeared on the BBC website yesterday entitled Should we Stop buying Christmas Presents.

As a kid I always enjoyed receiving presents, well we all did but now? No not really I am a nightmare to buy for. Anything I want I normally buy, a refrain from a friend once was "Pete stop buying xxxxxx how can I get you a present".

So I'm not buying any presents this year! Dad never wants one anyway!! I will be buying something that will do some good in the world and it will be in the name of my friends - not decided what yet!!

Some ideas:

The National Trusts Virtual Gifts
The Brooke click on the shop.


avalon said...

What a great idea and very thoughtful of you. The brooke one looks good!
May donate one in memory of my mum x

Jan said...

Good idea. I can't get in the mood at all this year for one reason or another. But then I never did much I suppose. Sigh.

Tricia said...

What a lovely thought and idea; and presents that will definitely be appreciated. Not heard of Brooke but glad I have now...

Eagleseagles said...

Presents are for the great neices and nephews!Apart from friends where its traditional and not expensive - the rest of the family adults -I think we have all decided we are happy enough with seeing each other!

Anonymous said...

I have a present I want to send you...can you guess? I can see it outside my window, I just don't want to be greedy and keep it to myself.

Pete said...

leaz - uhm uhm. no no be greedy :D

ST said...

Pete ,
this is a good idea,BUT you need to tell the people you are buying for.
My mother-inlaw, a church going, charity minded person. Spare time, works in charity shops, spent a reasonable sum of money on her brother and sister inlaw last year. To find she had given a goat to africa.
In her eyes this was not a fair exchange of gifts.
Not that she objected to the act.

Pete said...

ah but st. they don't expect anything!