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Monday, August 24, 2009

A woman about the house

As a confirmed bachelor having a woman about the house is a bit of an oddity. Over the past few years I've had Jan (Cornwall), Trish, Digi and CP visit chez Quacksoflife. Now let me add all of these have been pleasurable experiences and all are welcome to return.

However one of the things you notice is the volume of stuff. I mean you wander down stairs and there are three pairs of shoes sitting there. One for the car, one for getting from the car to the house and one to walk in the house? Don't ask me I live in a pair of Brasher Diablo's if I'm not at work.

Then there are the bottle and the smells. You wander in the house and there are aromas. Whether that is hairspray, deodrant, perfume or something else. God knows what happens with clothes it goes over my head. I'm pair of trousers and a couple of t-shirts kind of guy.

I'm awaiting the strategic strike of "he has a whole room packed with books!!!" ;)

In fairness I do have loads of clothes in the house. Note toself that pair of jeans that I wore in the late 80's no longer fit please throw away - actually I have loads of clothes like that. I look in the sock draw and think these really should be dumped (hole in toe) and then proceed to put them back.

But the truth is that virtually any house you go to is female dominated. Watch a property programme and she is demanding 400 square metres for her clothes and his are in a single draw in the loft!!

Oh and thanks to T for the bottle of Denbies Bachuus


oldcrow61 said...

lol, of course any house you go into is female dominated. Are you just learning this! And I don't mean just because some women need more room for clothes....women rule dear boy.

holdingmoments said...

That had me chuckling Pete.
Brave man for posting that! lol

Jan said...

I'm working on that very scenario at Alan's house right now.... ;)

Pete said...

give him my sympathies

Anonymous said...

My motto: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Anonymous said...

You sound a bit like Henry Higgins.


Tricia said...

LoL at OC's comment :D

Men just don't understand shoes :D

Will be interested to know what you think of Bachuus - perhaps I'll have a taste one day :)

Pete said...

Angie - LOL

Turquis - eeerrrrmmmmmm

Mo said...

Not so many cameras, lenses, technical stuff lying around though, I'll bet. Motorbikes in the garage, helmets, climbing boots, ??

Pete said...

Mo - the lenses et al are all in a drawyer. Car lives in the garage.

I don't claim to be tidy though.

Anonymous said...

All the world is in Cranford?
Interesting thought. :-) Must admit the odd bachelor pad I have visited has had a curiously unfinished atmosphere about it. ;-)

I have a pair of Brasher walking boots. Very comfortable... I couldn't believe that I didn't have to break them in at all, even climbing over a couple of rocky hills. No blisters! Also I walked through a shallow puddle, and there were no leaks.

avalon said...

Ah but you would not have us any other way would you :D And a girl can't have too many shoes