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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I see the new series of Strictly Come Dancing has been announced.

I will be cheering on the cat Phil Tufnell, a chap with a great personality but somehow I can't see him winning. Although for some reason I'm a tadge envious of Joe Calzaghe (see the link).

A chap in the office showed us his new camera today a Canon IXUS 100 aka SD780. The damn thing is TINY!! Its the size of a credit card!! It may not be a state of the art compact but it sure is cute and convenient.

I see the National Trust is featured in another BBC2 reality programme. This time its around the garden at Bodnant (which I visited the other week) and charts an account of a year in the life of the garden and seems to be featuring on the management team of Lady Aberconwy, her son Michael and head gardener Troy Scott-Smith.

Michael thinks its very important that the family have a strong say in the running of the garden, uh why? you gave it to the Trust? And that visitor numbers need to be increased, well I can understand that but turn up at Hidcote on a busy Saturday and you'll struggle to appreciate it. "excuse me" "excuse me" "excuse me".

I must say the gardens look lovely but I wish if they didn't want you to walk somewhere they could use something other than gaudy red and white tape.

The programme is on Monday's on BBC2 @ 7pm, you can catch it again on I-Player.

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