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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday - An island in the showers

When I woke this morning the sun blazed down and when I returned it was bright annoyingly I drove where the showers were (only light tho).

St Buenno, Clynnog Fawr

onto Anglesey and the national trusts excellent Plas Newydd.

At one point whilst I sat and read I heard the kronk of a Raven and then a pair flew over woo hoo, as I left i saw something big and red/brown sat on the grass. A buzzard ? Suddenly it started running across the grass, excitement! I stuck the bins on it and it was a Red Squirrel, yes Buzzard seems daft but I never associate red/brown with squirrel! Still a Red Squirrel is brilliant to see!!

Some landscapes on the way home


oldcrow61 said...

Lovely garden! What's that "box" in the glass container? Is it a coffin?

Pete said...

just an old box i think