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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saturday - welcome to the 50's

I arrived at the place I was staying (which is in the middle of nowhere!) and there was no one. To be fair a car appeared very quickly and a friendly voice said "Mr Quacksoflife?"

I had espyed opening hours which seemed to imply I wasn't going to get food!!! But I was quickly assured that as a resident that didn't apply to me! I went to get some petrol put the pump in and waited for the display to reset, it didn't. I went to the kiosk to see a sign "back in 10 minutes". Yes. Well got some fuel returned to the pub.

I unpacked and turned on the telly, nothing. I toddled off and was told there is no reception, "we have a large collection of DVD's". I'm not going to try mobile internet as neither phone works!! So its the radio and books for 5 days! Welcome to the 1950's!!

Had a good day though. I've visited Rug Chapel which provides an OC moment.

oc moment....

Then onto Bodnant Garden

and finally St Grwst, Llanwrst

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oldcrow61 said...

lol, you know me so well. Wonderful! I'm once again enjoying your holiday.