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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oil Well in Surrey Hills?

The National Trust are to fight Europa Oil and Gas who have s submitted plans to drill for oil just south of Dorking, near Leith Hill, part of which is owned by the Trust.

Europa believe the Holmwood site is one of the best undrilled UK onshore structures. Whereas the Trust argues that the drilling, which would involve a 100ft-high rig, would cause unacceptable environmental impacts to green belt land and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty(AONB), particularly in terms of landscape, visual amenity, traffic and access which cannot be satisfactorily mitigated.

The drilling itself is planned to take place in Bury Hill Wood, near Coldharbour village, and less than half a mile from National Trust land.

Although the Trust argue that the drilling is against Government policy for AONB there is concern that Surrey County Council will pass the request on grounds of National Interests.

Objectors to the plan say 1.8 acres of Ancient Woodland would be lost.

A spokesman for Leith Hill Action Group said:
Once gone, ancient woodland cannot be recreated.

Europa Oil and Gas Ltd said of six drilling sites it had assessed, the one chosen had 'the least environmental impacts'.

The drilling plan will be decided by Surrey County Council's planning committee on September 9.

This wouldn't be the first oil well in the area Star Energy has been pumping from a well in nearby Oxted since 1990,


Liz said...

If you're against it, send in an opposition to the council. If they receive enough then they will take the complaints seriously.

holdingmoments said...

Let's hope the National Trust win the fight.

Tricia said...

This is rather too close to home. Think I must investigate further... It is a beautiful area and anything like this would utterly devastate it!