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Monday, August 31, 2009

Local Wildlife

There is something seriously wrong here. It's a bank holiday weekend and the weather is good. um.

For the first time in ages I went to Hatfield Forest. It was fairly quiet but I did see Bullfinch, Marsh Tit, Great Spot and Green Woodies. The lake had Great Crested Grebe's, a Kingfisher and a lone Common Tern. Alas there were few photo ops.

Escaped domestic duck.

Incoming Canada Geese.

Since someone in Canada would be screaming PHOTOS at this point (hi OC :D) I popped to Fisher's Green to a feeding station.

Juvenile Greenfinch

Blue Tit

House Sparrow - Male

House Sparrow - Female or juvenile

Blue Tit

Female House Sparrow

Blue Tit

Blue Tit


Blue Tit

House Sparrow - Female

Great Tit

Female Chaffinch

Blue Tit

Female Chaffinch

House Sparrow - Male

Great Tit

Juvenile Greenfinch

So with enough photos to keep OC happy I headed to Rye Meads.

I couldn't see a Garganey but the Ruff was still about and there were Green Sandpiper and flipping loads of Canada Geese.

Female Pochard

Young Tufted Duck

Gadwall in flight

Little Grebe

Canada Geese

A flutter

and a Dragon


ShySongbird said...

You saw a lot there (especially Blue Tits ;) )Great day out and photos, glad someone got good weather!!

avalon said...

Love the gadwell in flight! Some wonderful ones of the tits also! Your getting good at photography arn't you!! LOL. So pleased you had the good weather unlike here it is tipping it down here urgh urgh!!! AGAIN

Tricia said...

I shared the weather today but not the birds.

Those blue tits........nice ones Pete; and the others are quite good too ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Lol Pete, so happy that you came across with loads of pictures. They're marvelous.

Anonymous said...

We had good weather here, too. Some nice pics there.

holdingmoments said...

Love those Blue Tit shots.
A fuller day than I had Pete. I had to make do with seagulls flying over the car park at work lol

Pete said...

HM - my sympathies not nice when everyone else is off.

I was really chuffed with the blue tits!

The Watcher said...

Lovely sharp photographs on this blog.

Pete said...

cheers watcher