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Monday, August 03, 2009


Harriet Harperson deputy leader of the Labour Party (I never voted for her) has said that in future one of Labours top two posts must be reserved for Woman.

According to an interview in the Sunday Times:

She does
not agree with all-male leaderships

because men

cannot be left to run things on their own

You can read more of her drivel here.

Now here's the rub I think she is going to achieve the exact opposite of what she wants. Her argument is one she used when she got the deputy leadership but to me it is patronising, vote for me because? well I'm a girl. She also wanted employers to discriminate and choose the best woman. GIVE ME STRENGTH.

A big thing was made in 1997 about the numbers of women entering parliament as Blairs Babes and you know what? How many of them were any good? (That's not to say the men are any better ....).

I wonder what someone like Barbara Castle would have said to Harriet's views? I bet the firebrand Castle would have been grossly insulted. Another Labour Woman like Shirley Williams needed, or wanted, such favour. But then Castle and Williams are of a calibre that Blair's babes can't match.

I am not averse to Woman MP's, Minister's or Prime Minister's. BUT I want the best of each regardless of religion, colour, creed or sexuality.

I've said this before we get the politician's we deserve. And does that not tell you something about our society? When Brown is criticised it is often for his inane smile and lack of people skills.

So? I don't give a stuff about the fact he is uncool. I care about the fact that he screwed up the 10p tax rate and overcomplicates policy. I don't think he is a leader but I want politican's who make the tought decisions and not media savvy buffoons (Messers Cameron and Osborne).

Ming Campbell was criticised because he was too old. GIVE ME STRENGTH. He'd have made a better Foreign Secretary than any of the muppets who've had the job.

Give me a Ken Clarke or a Vince Cable any day of the week over the likes of Blair and Cameron.

But as I say we get the politicians we deserve and that surely tells you something. We have professional politico's. Party loyalty. BLAH.

Oh and another thing WE DO NOT ELECT THE PRIME MINISTER. We never have done (and I'm disappointed that Ian Hislop keeps missing this point of HIGNFY - is it me or is he becoming unbearably smug lately?).

We vote for MP's, we need to get back to where MP's were more independent of the party and that voting against your party or a matter of principal is not seen as disloyalty. As it is one of the better labour MP's Frank Field is in the wilderness despite having fresh ideas. No doubt the ideas were unpopular with focus groups.


ShySongbird said...

I agree with just about everything you have said, it does you good to have a jolly good rant every now and then! Hope it's made you feel better, fingers firmly crossed for Friday.

Tricia said...

As J says - I agree. I would add that Ms. Harperson is doing nothing but harm to the equality of women in the work place. I wholeheartedly agree that it's the best person for the job regardless of........

I find it quite scary that someone holding that type of view is a Member of Parliament let alone one in the position she hold.

As to Mr. Hislop - I believe he's always been smug - he's just getting far worse!

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to think they all lack people skills. :-) Blair was considered better than Brown that way, but he still got slated for his grin.