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Monday, August 17, 2009

back to the grind

Ah wasn't it nice to have the alarm go off and get up at 5:40. And if you believe that you'll believe anything!!

Still the day is over and was relatively ok.

So what do I talk about today? I finished Sharpe's Company at lunchtime (rare for me to read at lunchtime). It's an excellent entry in a good series.

Like everyone else my jaw dropped watching Usain Bolt anhilating the 100m world record last night. When someone like Michael Johnson is speechless you know you are watching something special.

Apparently there is an albino Swallow up in Scotland. You can see a picture here.

Now excuse me I have to go and cook my dinner. SOB!!


Tricia said...

Glad your day back wasn't tooooo bad.

I didn't see Usain Bolt's victory until this morning - utterly amazing to beat his own world record. And he's still young so what will he go on to achieve!

That swallow's a real cutie! A rare spot indeed!

oldcrow61 said...

Pete, dear, what's this moaning about having to get up early for work and cooking your own'll be off again in a few weeks. What a life!