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Monday, October 08, 2007

Tagged by Twitchi-Birder

I was tagged by Twitchi-birder for this meme.

1. What is the coolest bird you have seen from your home?
uhm I guess Kestrel. Annoyingly it had just nicked a Sparrow from my garden. I saw Waxwing 5 minutes walk away.

2.If you compose lists of bird species seen, what is your favourite list and why?
don't have a favourite. I keep a list but its more for information. I get as much pleasure watching Blue Tits doing there acrobatics as any rarity.

3.What sparked your interest in birds?
I was unemployed 5 years ago and whilst enduring day time TV I was hooked by Birding with Bill Oddie. I picked up a cheap pair of bins from my folks and started walking around Rye Meads and Hatfield Forest.

4. If you could only bird in one place for the rest of your life where would it be and why?
I've never birded overseas and probably never will, so confining myself to the UK I'd guess Norfolk. Lots of nice places to bird and a good variety of birds.

5. Do you have a jinx bird? What is it and why is it jinxed?

Not really there are birds I should have seen like say Manx Shearwater but since I don't sea watch that much..... I've only glimpsed Golden Oriole once. Then I dislike the best place to see them - lots of birders no peace & quiet.

6. Who is your favourite birder? and why?
Dave Deboo. Top bloke, I always have a good time when I go out with him. He puts up with a naff birder like me!!

7. Do you tell non-birders you are a birder? What do they say to you when they find out?
I get the obligatory twitcher comment quite often. Then again lots of people do like looking at birds even if it's just in their gardens.

who shall I tag ? uhm St


Mo said...

Think I'll take this tag up if you don't mind :-)

st said...

sorry pete, been livin the hours of a vampire for the last seven days.