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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The North South Divide

Where is thte North South divide?

A new map defining north and south by socio-economic data suggests the dividing line runs diagonally from Gloucester, ending just below Grimsby. Apparently this divide puts Hereford in the North while Lincoln actually 155 miles to the North East is in the south!

Apparently the Lowry art gallery in Salford asked visitors to mark the North-South boundary on an interactive map at its Myth of the North exhibition.

When they found that visitors couldn't agree they raised the matter with Professor Danny Dorling an expert in human mapping at the University of Sheffield.

His teams research discovered that the North South often had as much to do social and Economic factors as they had to do with Geography. Cheshire for instance had many Southern Characteristics.

Dorling's research also suggests there is very litte "Social Midlands".

Bill Longshaw, curator of Myth of The North, said: "I'm not sure I agree that culturally people in parts of Gloucester, Coventry or Birmingham are really northerners but Danny's analysis really does make you think about where The North begins.

But no one who has visited the exhibition seems to be able to agree where the boundary is either, so at least this exercise has brought some academic and scientific reason to the debate."

I must admit I'm not sure about this North South divide thing. Parts of Cheshire do feel very home counties, Knutsford for instance. Cornwall is definitely in the South but it has little in common with Surrey for instance. London is often regarded as prosperous but there is a vast difference between say Tower Hamlets and Richmond!

I think it is far to simple to talk in terms of the North and South.


st said...

If your a true southerner anything north of watford, is north and i live in scotland to most people. People in manchester class their selves as northerners, but are many miles south of me in the north of england.
AS for cultural, according to one art critic. There is no culture in the north, but his culture is stolen from other cultures i.e. fine art, opera, ballet.
So i live a grim ignorant existance, long may it last ;)

Pete said...

think you mean Watford gap which is much further north than watford. Even I live North of watford.

Cherrypie said...

It's much simpler to talk in terms of the North and forget all about the South. You get a much pleasanter conversation that way. x

Pete said...


st said...

sorry pete, you were right.

Dawn said...

's easy - if you've got a whippet and flat cap, you're a northerner, and if you've got white stilletos and no brain, you're a southerner!!

Cherrypie, never a truer word was spoken!! ;)

st said...

Dawn- white stilletos. Very common site in the big market newcastle upon tyne, once upon a time.

Pete said...

reckon Dawn has done her fair share of dancing around her handbag.

notice no southerners slagging off the north? we don't have an inferiority complex :D