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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Heritage Industry is Closing for winter

Sunday October 28th is the last day for visiting many National Trust Properties this year, most of the rest close the following weekend. Areas of countryside and coast are obviously open all year and parks like those at Ickworth are open all year.

I'm not quite certain why this is. I can understand why opening periods are reduced but I would have thought there would be some demand for certain properties through out the year. Are there costs/problems I'm unaware of? Houses have to remain heated to protect contents and most rooms are stewarded by volunteers.

What is bizarre is that Felbrigg and Blicking in Norfolk, for instances, will have their shops and restaurants open all year to take account of people walking the estate.

Things are changing slightly, Osterley House will open for the first 3 weekends of December between 12:30 and 3:30. The Red House, also in London, is open until the end of December.

I wonder if the National Trust have ever surveyed the membership to see if there is a requirement out there? Heritage is big business and people are taking more out of season breaks (me for instance!), it may seem odd to visit the English Countryside in the Middle of Winter but there are people who do take weekend breaks.

If anyone from the National Trust reading this (I'd be amazed!!) I'd be interested in if they've considered some weekend opening to larger properties in winter.

English Heritage are marginally better than the National Trust with many of there properties open all year. E.g Osbourne House Isle of Wight, Apsley House and Eltham Palace London.

Most of the Historic Royal Palaces in London remain open. Note toself I must pop over to Kensingon Palace and the Tower of London.

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Mary said...

I have never understood the NT's policy. When the weather is less clement outside people would like to be inside"