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Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday - Ickworth.

I left my latest book around my folks yesterday so without anything to read I picked up Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. My friend Min is fainting with shock. Anyway I waiting for someone to fit me an aerial for digital and you know what ? I am enjoying it!!

So the chap came and went and as I have a week off at home I went to Ickworth in Suffolk.

The house is a rotunda (used to house the collection) with two arms leading off it to two buildings used by the family. Its very attractive, today one building is a restaurant and the other is a hotel. If I tell you a standard double is £310 per night or £185 for a single (you get a paper included). Let me say that I am unlikely to be staying there. Only time I'd spend that sort of money is for an engagement on the like!!

Anyway some photos.

The following were taken with a different lens for Twitchy's benefit.

It was a lovely day and my walk around the grounds saw me stop, and sit soak up the sun and read. The walled garden has a vinyard and I picked up a bottle each of the 2004 and 2005 walled garden white. The 2004 got a Bronze Medal in the English and Welsh Wine of the Year and the 2005 got the President's Trophy.

I popped into the new restaurant for a cup of tea and scone before heading home.

I found on looking at the photos on the pc I had got dust on my sensor!! So time to try my new sensort cleaner - dust aid. Seems to have worked ok!


Jan said...

All nice photos, but I find that the second lot after you say you changed lenses are much crisper and clearer, or is it me?

Pete said...

nope i agree, the bees were with another lens as well!

digi-birder said...

That does look a good lens. Must get me one of those!! You have to be wary of the converging verticals with such a wide angle.

Pete said...

yeah right twitchy. I'll find out when the new version is out.

you are right about the verticals. I was playing with it today.

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures once again Pete. Very pricey hotel I must say. Funny you should mention that you were reading Jane Austen. It was only yesterday I was thinking that I might re-read her.

Kate said...

Oh well, if you get a paper, that sounds like a very reasonable deal LOL Book me in for a fortnight! OK maybe not.

GardenAuthor said...

What a grand tour - great bumblebee pics. We seem to have an explosion of "foggy bummers" this fall, on this side of the Atlantic... Deb