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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Introducing Shane

He's Shane the Dog, He's Shane the Dog
He Even Mucks about with those who can not bark....

oh hang on wrong animal!

Seriously! I decided to sponsor a dog so popped on to the Dogs Trust website. I wasn't sure what dog to sponsor but I clicked on Shane's name to checkout the process and then couldn't not sponsor him now could I.

Shane is a 3 year old tri-coloured crossbreed.

The Dogs Trust tries to rehome dogs but many of the dogs have been so badly treated that they can't be rehomed. You can visit some of the dogs and not others. Shane you can visit but only to see him, no interaction as he's a little nervy.

So here's Shane.

The photo is obviously copyrighted but I hope it's ok as I am urging you to think about sponsoring. It costs from as little as a £1 a week which is less than a quality newspaper or the cost of the Radio Times.

Obviously I'll be sending Shane and his mates in West London a Christmas Parcel. Given my experience of dogs is uh not great hints would be good.


Jan said...

He's a really handsome dog, good choice. Shame you can't go to pet him though, same as my Amy at Merseyside. I'd rather not think about what people must do to these poor dogs to make them so scared of people. :(

Kate said...

Good for you! He's a lovely dog, got a nice big doggy grin :-)

Pressie suggestions? Hmm. If he's nervous I would avoid anything that squeaks or beeps, even quite confident dogs can find that unnerving, but non-noisy balls and toys that can be thrown about are always popular.

Those chewy hide things are good, they last quite a while too, and you can get them in shapes, such as boots, bones and so on. Don't buy the cheaper stick ones though, they smell foul and our older dog won't even go near them. The younger one does but he's very greedy.

oldcrow61 said...

What a darling dog, and to think it costs so little to sponsor one. I hope lots of people take up the cause and help these wonderful creatures.

KAZ said...

I'm fed up of the Radio Times anyway - good swap!!

Anonymous said...

Good Idea Pete - never heard of this really except our local SPCA does something similar where you can donate funds. I like this idea better, but wish you could pet the doggie Pete. Does he nip?? shhh...... I not supposed to ask perhaps.