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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Book Meme

I decided not to wander out after lunch but to laze around and read.

I've been tagged by Diddums

Total number of books owned

I haven't got a clue! I reckon somewhere over 1500

Last book bought

Well it would have been Thursday. I bought four books

C J Cherryh - Chanur's Legacy. I really can't believe I haven't read it before. Intelligent Space Opera by one of the best writers of the past 30 years. I'll have to go back to the Foreigner Universe soon.

Terry Brooks - Armageddon's Children. How it all began in the Shannara world. Hope its better than the last book Brooks' wrote.

Hakan Nesser - Borkmann's Point. Apparently a well regarded Swedish Crimewriter. Won lots of Scandanavian awards.

Karin Alvtegen - Another Swede. I thoroughly enjoyed the other two i wrote.

Last book read

Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen. That had my friend Min wondering if I had been abducted. You know the plot "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.". I found myself engrossed and even though I know the plot from the TV adaptation I wanted to know what happened. Interesting slice of middle class life in regency England. I'll read some more.

Five books that mean a lot to you

I take it to mean important to me as opposed to favourite.

RSPB Handbook of British Birds - Holden and Cleeves
The book that got me started in birds 5 years ago.

The Caves of Steel - Isaac Asimov
I had read the more famous Asimov Novels (Foundation Trilogy and I Robot) but this one made me want to devour him!

Black & Blue - Ian Rankin/The Wire in the Blood - Val McDermind
Two for the price of one. The two books that got me into mystery novels.

England's 1000 Best Parish Churches - Simon Jenkins.
If you've read this blog for a while you won't need me explaining.

Eive go to Smuggler's Top - Enid Blyton
The sound track to the young Pete!

If anyone wants to do this they can consider themselves tagged


oldcrow61 said...

You sound something like myself...let me near a book store and I come away with my arms loaded.

Diddums said...

I must try that Caves of Steel. May have read the Smuggler's Top one. :-).

Pete said...


Caves of Steel is great fun. A murder mystery with Robots. There are two direct sequels The Naked Sun and The Robots of Dawn.

In Robots and Empire he links the robot books in with the Foundation Novels