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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A year? You must be joking!

It was a year ago today that thequacksoflife was launched on to an unsuspecting and, I suspect, disinterested public. And this is post no 497.

Until that time the phenomenon known as blogging had passed me by. Then my mate Dave started a blog and I "had a look". Dave subsequently deleted the blog ("you mean I could have just deleted the post?") started another one and then deleted it.

I of course have trudged on regardless. I am still unsure as to why I started. I didn't think anyone would be interested. It therefore came as a bit of shock when I discovered that people who knew nothing about me were reading it. I think Cherrypie was the first to comment and she was followed by Nathalie, Kate, Diddums and Kaz in some sort of order.

I would have put good money on this blog not making its first birthday, but, spurred on by the fact that people were regularly dropping by I've perservered.

I've even met someone, Cherrypie, whose existence I was totally unaware of pre-blog.

I regularly read blogs from Sweden (Nathalie), US (Lee, Little Red Omnibus, Leazwell), Canada (OC, Ocean Walks, Leehane) and even, oh the shame, Yorkshire.

And of course I mustn't forget the chatsters (Nic, Boofy, Jan et al).

The first post was entitled "Well why am I doing this?"

and went

I haven't got a clue.

Its lunch time and I'm bored.

Don't expect pretty pictures or any such. I intend to ramble on about birds and books and whatever else I feel like.

I've pretty much rambled on as predicted. I have bought a camera though (and doesn't Diane know it) and I admit it was totally to put stuff on the blog.

Ambitions for the next 12 months? Pretty much more of the same really. I'd like to meet some more of you. Plans already made to meet Boofy. I really want to meet Jan (well really that cute dog Emma!! but don't tell Jan that ;) ).

Fingers crossed for Mum obviously. I hope to read that Ally has become a mum. After all the trials and tribultations of trying to adopt it will be great to read that she is a Mum.

I do read everyone whose blog is on the list and if anyone wants to point me at some others.....


Ally said...

Crikey, that many posts in a year! It took me about two years to get that far! :).

I do like the 'community of people I've never met in real life' aspect of blogging ... I reckon I know more about some of the people on my blogroll than I do about my 'real life' friends!

Pete said...


I work on the next mind the quality feel the width policy!

I suppose we never expect to meet each other so we yack away. There are a few people who do know me who read this so I'm perhaps a little restrained about things I've done in the past. Cue Digi and CP to get the wine out!!

would be interesting to meet a number of bloggers.

oldcrow61 said...

lol, you've come a long way since your first blog. If someone had told me a year and a half ago when I got my first computer that I would have a blog, I would have called them crazy. I didn't even know what a blog was. Then my daughter tried to talk me into getting one. I kept saying, "But I have nothing to say", and I don't most days, but it's fun.

Diddums said...

If you're looking for new blogs to read, have a look at my links bar - there might be something there you like.

I go through those periods of "why am I doing this?" as well. Sometimes it leads people to delete their blogs, but the rest of us soldier on...

Anna said...


No mention of meeting me!! :(

Boo said...

OI! What do you mean by introducing me as Boofy! Just you wait until May, we have a very muddy walk to do through the coppice and I could always push you into doing a 'Pete' with camera ready of course!

nicola said...

awwww poor anna!

Hey boo, please please please get a photo ;)

happy blogging b'day pete

Pete said...

Anna - sowwy

Jan said...

Yeah, don't worry Anna, we know where we stand don't we. He will tolerate meeting me so that he can meet Emma. Hmmm.

Cherrypie said...

Blimey! Congratulations on your first birthday. You've been a very prolific boy x

Seany said...

Happy Blogday! It's taken me around two and a half yearsto get that many posts...

Kate said...

Congratulations! You've done really well to stick at it, most blogs fold after less than 3 months. I didn't realise you were new when I first began to drop by, you seemed very proficient.

Ocean and Forest Walks said...

Happy Blog Birthday Pete - I am so happy I found you and found all your links to these incredible, funny people - I have just been reading all your pages and all the sites that you link to. I love all your witty birdy posts!!

Pete said...

thanks folks.

I found it odd when first coming back from holidays that I wanted to find out what you had all been up to

64 Baker Street said...


Lee said...

If only we could get paid for this eh?

Here's to many more posts and blog friends!