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Friday, February 23, 2007

Warning lights and more on the duck

I took the car in yesterday afternoon. Apparently there have been a whole spate of MIL lights coming on this week. The lady in service says they contacted head office and its nationwide for Hyundai and Kia and it appears to be mainly people who used Tesco. So any guesses where I fill up? They've reset it and they are testing the petrol to see what is causing the light to come on. If there is a problem they'll be in touch.

Stumpy the four legged duck made it on Richard and Judy yesterday. One of the legs looks a bit withered apparently but other than that he is doing fine. He'll be left to wander around the farmyard.

Its a bit quiet at the moment. I've got dial up working so I'm not totally net less at home.

Not sure what I'm up to tomorrow. Watch this space!


Boo said...

Paying avid attention!

nicola said...

So what you up to tomorrow then???

Supose I should text you as you might not get this