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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Two Countries separated by a different sense of humour?

Does humour translate? I ask this because the Fox network is to remake the Vicar of Dibley. The Pilot, to star Kirsty Alley, will be called The Minister of the Divine.

I am not certain that remakes work, many many moons ago the Americans did a version of Dad's Army and it was painful. Could you imagine the Americans doing the classic final episode of Blackadder goes Forth? Dibley's "humour", and I never found it particularly funny anyway, seems peculiarly British to me. I presume our American cousins will take the basic premise of the idea, a Woman Vicar shock horror ;) and rework it to an American theme (although Richard Curtis will be co-producer of the pilot).

Apparently Alley, 56, will star as a preacher who returns to the small town where she grew up as a teenage rebel.

Of course much British TV comedy is particularly dire at the moment. Did anyone laugh at The Green Grass of Home? I thought not. We are led to believe our American cousins are the new masters Friends, Cheers, Frasier and the Simpsons (both of which are absolutely brilliant!!). But Joey was dire and have you seen Everybody loves Raymond? Don't bother it's awful.

I did like How I Met Your Mother, although this might be due to the gorgeous Alyson Hannigan (Willow from Buffy)!


Kate said...

That sounds like a bad idea. Those transatlantic remakes rarely work. The US version of The Office is pretty dire - mind you I'm not that big a fan of the UK version LOL

There is some good comedy around at the moment, but it doesn't seem to appear on the main channels. I have found some good stuff on BBC3 and on the radio though.

oldcrow61 said...

As far as I'm concerned no one can do comedy or drama as well as the British. The Americans haven't got a chance.

Jan said...

I don't get American comedies at all, I don't watch any of them anymore. I used to like Golden Girls years ago, but never got Cheers or any of them, and I definitely don't get The Simpsons. Having said that though, I don't like British comedy either, never found Vicar of Dibley funny, was gobsmacked when it won the online best Comedy thing last year. The only ones I have ever liked really at Fools and Horses, Allo Allo and One Foot in the Grave.

Didn't the Americans also do one of Till Death Us Do Part? Which was also a load of garbage. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh I enjoy my Brit comedies so much- can't get enough of them. Kirsty Alley is filming something where I live right now-I wonder if this is it. Cheers from Canada.