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Monday, February 19, 2007


I arrived at Deboo towers for a Days birding with Dave & Joy. Our first stop was the Ouse Washes where we joined for the morning by Birdforum member HelenElizabeth2 (hello, very nice to meet you). On the way to the washes we had Grey and Red Legged Partridge as well as Corn Bunting.

Although nothing "rare" about we had some very nice birds. From the "visitors centre" we had Brambling (3), Yellowhammer, Tree Sparrow and Stock Dove. The reserve was very flooded so we only went to the Welches Dam hide, I was rather chuffed to spot a brief view of a Barn Owl on route. At the hide there were Meadow Pipit and the Dave found us two Water Pipits!

On to Welney via the indirect route as the road was flooded. We soon nabbed the 6 Bean Geese. HE2 left us for family duties and the 3 of us popped into the reserve for Whooper Swans and a female Pochard. The rather nice nice Tufty/Pochard hybrid is back I see. Not much else about though. After Brunch we went to Needingworth to twitch an American Wigeon which played hard to get. We also tried various bith of Fen Drayton to find a Smew to wind HE2 up with no luck!

I think the group managed 68 birds of which I saw 64 (12 of which were new for the year).

We popped in to a pub in Over which was out of food so had to settle for crisps!! Boo hiss!! But the owner came out and offered to do us sarnies which was rather nice of him. The accompaning chips were rather nice.

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