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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I awoke to find everywhere an odd white colour.

Anyway I hopped out of bed and set off.

I always like to be early in case there are lunatics on the road. I reached Epping and the car was sliding. The next bit of the road didn't look gritted so I turned back and I have gone back to bed. I think it'll be flexi today! We had ooh and 1.5 inches (stop laughing OC) and more is forecast.

I will poke my head out later and take a photo.


m said...


the lunatics that you normally see on the road tanking it in normal conditions are usually the ones crpping their pants in the snow

it's only a bit of snow for god's sake we don't live in Russia or Finland

Jan said...

Beat yer. We got loadsa snow. For once I don't care either. I normally get all humpy about it. Just gives me plenty to do though, sweeping the birdy area and the top of my aviary incase it collapses!

I suppose half the country will be at a standstill by now though.

digi-birder said...

Wuss!! ;)

Pete said...

M - well I agree. OC lives in Canada and she will be laughing at us. BUT of course we get so little snow its probably not cost effective. She told me her brother finds the same problems in North Carolina.

The joys of flexi. I can duck out of the race today.

Jan - Nic minds!!

Digi - YUP

nicola said...

Not fair some of us still have to work :(

Boo said...

lol, I am sure many countries are laughing at us for our inability to cope with a little snow, but we just are not geared up to cope with it.

It's no wonder we all act like kid when we get some!

oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, ha,ha,ha, just can't stop laughing.