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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A quiet Sunday

Well another weekend over. Where is my life going? Its March next week.

That said March is an interesting month. We get the migrants starting to arrive and the National Trust starts coming to life. I may have to slip in a visit to Osterley in March. I say interesting as its year-end. Normally I work two weekends but this year it will only be one. I'll take time in lieu instead of cash. I normally head off to Norfolk but this time I may go somewhere else.

There was talk of a meet in Rutland in April so maybe I'll tack a day on that if it happens. I love the Spring. To me heaven is a sunny april day, blue skies birds singing. A morning's birding in a wood seeing falls of migrants and then an afternoon around a big house and sitting in the garden with a good book. Bliss!

Been a very quiet day. I can't regale you with exciting stories or interesting days out.

Next weekend is already planned I'm meeting with some people at Barnes. Third visit of the year! Its a nice place but more so a convenient place to meet up. The weekend after? I think I'm going to try and go birding up Norfolk with Dave.

Had a voice text from BT to say that my broadband would be reactivated by 8pm Friday.
I wonder if the supervisor will improve this ? Fat chance I know. If BT don't deliver
I will be looking for a new supplier, any suggestions? I suppose some of my patience" is I can use the net at work. I usually get in about 7 and so can browse during lunchtime and before I start.

Dial-up has not been too bad but some blogs are SSSSOOOO slow if they have pics. So if I haven't popped by I'll do so tomorrow.

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oldcrow61 said...

You Sir, are a man after my own heart. I like your idea of "Heaven". It's mine too, can't wait. I would add a nice glass of wine with the book, lol.