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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not much happening

Not having broadband has its advantages. I sat down last night and sorted through all my financial statements and filed them. Note to self: when you get something file it!! It's a lot easier. Still I was going through the papers when I found an account I didn't know I had!! There's a result.

I have got dial up working. Its a bit painful on some sites and yahoo chat drops it from time to time but handy for emergencies.

The car is in this afternoon to have the Malfunction Indicator Light checked.


Boo said...

One of the worst things I did as a PA/Secretary/Payroll/Personnel Officer was to neglect my filing. I am still doing it!!!!! I just hate filing. I am now starting to file as things come in, it works!

Diddums said...

I try to file things as they come in too, but end up sliding again. All it takes is a particularly busy time or tired night...