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Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's the Waiting Again

I hate days like this. It's Mum's checkup day with the cancer specialist. I look at the phone not sure if I want it to ring or not.

Anyway the phone rings. My heart jumps to my mouth. It#s earlier than I expected!!

Mum says hi and she's home already! The Doctor is pleased.

Doc - You're doing very well Olwin*.
Mum - I'm a tough old bird!

My heart wanders back towards the chest region. She finishes the current course of chemo this month and then doesn't have to go back until May.

Better do some work!

*Her first name is Olwin but she is never called it.


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful news about your mother Pete. So happy for you. Big hug!

nicola said...

pleased your mum is doing better

Kate said...

That's brilliant news! I'm really happy for you and your parents.

Jan said...

Glad it was good news. Interesting spelling of your mum's name, is she of Welsh origin? It's normally spelt with a "y"

Pete said...

thanks all.

Jan - Mum spells it Olwin BUT when I got a copy of her birth certificate it looks like it was spelt with an E !!

Jan said...

It looks like it can be spelt three ways - Olwen, Olwin, Olwyn, it's definitely Welsh though It says "Footprint/track of the holy one, Welsh legend name of a magical girl who caused flowers to spring up wherever she went, composed of the elements of "ol" footprint, track, and "wen" fair, holy, white. How lovely.

Eagleseagles said...

Glad to hear the news.
I wish your mum well as always.
You must be relieved.

Anonymous said...

Good look to your old mum Pete - mine unfortunately lost the battle & never made it.

Gateshead's finest Sunderland-supporting birder !

Pete said...

Jan - ta for that

Thanks C, just a bit.

Quacker !! We'll have to bump into each other soon! I make Minsmeet on the Sunday

Pete said...

Quacker - ever so sorry to read that. Its doubly hard when you realise what they go through with the treatment