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Monday, February 12, 2007

Impulse Reader

I'm often asked WHY I don't use the library more. The typical comment is "it would save you a fortune". I can't deny this is true especially given a paperback can cost £7. But I am a strange chap.

About 5 years ago I was in the process of being made redundant. The place I was working was close to a branch of discount bookseller Sussex Stationers and they had Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders Trilogy for a heavily discounted price so I bought it. The books sat in the "junk" room for years. I stopped reading lots of fantasy and when I did other books came to the fore.

Recently I started reading fantasy again and I've dragged them into the main bedroom. I'm now on Book Two and enjoyable the series is. The flipping things are 900 pages each! and I reckon they could be edited a "touch".

My problem with libraries is I'm an impulse reader and libraries aren't that convenient. I don't like spoiling my Saturdays by going to my local town centre and anyway they probably don't have the book I want. Oh I can order them, I know that, but the problem is when they come I'll be on another impulse.

For info currently on my bedside table
Robin Hobb - The Mad Ship, Book 2 of the Liveship Traders
Marion Zimmer Bradley - The Saga of the Renunicates (3 books in 1)
Jude Fisher - The Rose of the World, Book 3 of the Fool's Gold Trilogy
Robin Hobb - The Ship of Destiny, Book 2 of the Liveship Traders

I've read book one of the MZB Trilogy so I reckon there is about 3100 pages to go. I hate to think how many thousand pages are sitting still to be read in the junk room. Some will never get read *sigh*


oldcrow61 said...

I live too far from the library to have it of any use to me really. I'd never get the books back on time. However, when I occasionally do get there they have racks of books that they sell for: Hardcover 50 cents and Paperbacks for 25 cents. Most times it's a gold mine for me and I come home with bags of books. Also when in the city I go to second hand book stores and load up. As I read a lot I just can't see paying the high prices of new books.

Leazwell said...

I had about three books going at once due to the the library thing and I dislike being in a position of reading more than one thing at a time. I ultimately put one down in favor of another.

digi-birder said...

Haven't been to a library in years. On my bedside table: The Naked Jape by Jimmy Carr and Lucy Greeves. Brilliant book, not just a history and study of jokes, but filled with them too. Thought I'd try this as an antidote to all the personal development/positive thinking books I've been reading lately (and getting depressed over!!).

Next in line is The Sound of Laughter, Peter Kay's autobiography. You can probably tell I'm after some cheering up!!

Diddums said...

What gets me is when I'm working for an editing deadline, and suddenly realize my library books are due back that very afternoon...

Pete said...

OC - You'd love Hay-on_wye 35 second hand bookshops. Some are obviously collectibles but some are very cheap!

Leaz - I never read more than one book at a time. If its good I want to keep reading.

digi - big hugs!!

Diddums - had a few fines when I was a member!!