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Friday, February 23, 2007

Excuse Me I'm going to swear

So would my broadband be back? I phoned BT and after getting passed about twice I got a chap telling me I'm ever so sorry but the new order was cancelled. "You are f*cking joking". I assured him it wasn't his fault but this was ridiculous. They left a marker on apparently and I have to wait til next Friday.

Apparently BT Wholesale treat them as if they were an external company. He eventually realised I was serious peed off and put me through to his supervisor. I told her I work in local government and EVEN WE have manual work arounds. I think being told you were worse than local government embarassed her. Let me add that if you ring us up you will get MUCH better service than you will from BT. She assures me she will TRY and expedite matters and took my mobile number. I expect nothing will happen.

But let me say that BT has NO idea of customer service. If you screw up twice SURELY you should sort it out and if that means paying the supplier you pay 'em.


Jan said...

You have far more tolerance than me. Frankly I would have told them to stick their broadband, it's absolutely disgusting treatment. I would be livid, and now joining another company. Nobody gets away with pissing me about like that!

Kate said...

You go to speak to a supervisor? They never let me do that, mind you I don't swear at them - hmm, it's a tactic I shall have to bear in mind.

oldcrow61 said...

Heavens Pete, what a mess. Hope you get it all sorted soon.

Pete said...

Kate I didn't swear much. Just once!! and I said it wasn't his fault!

Jan - I'll give them this week. its not so bad as I can get on in my lunch or before work.

Oc - hope so.

digi-birder said...

You would get better service anywhere than with BT. The worrying thing about our Plusnet account is that they have been purchased by BT Retail. Oh joy!!

The Plusnet site says: "...accepting this offer would be a great boost for the long-term future of PlusNet and customers." And: "BT has stated that it wishes to support us in further developing our customer focused business." Yeah right!! "BT will bring many positives to PlusNet." Oh yes? What would they be?

Thought I was on to too much of a good thing to think I only needed line rental from the morons. Those two letters send a shiver down my spine whenever I hear them mentioned.

Boo said...

Join Virgin!