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Monday, February 19, 2007

A Day out in London

Ok so I woke up Saturday morning to find my broadband wasn't working. No time to worry lets get out.

The trains were still meant to be replaced by buses so I drove to Broxbourne only to find the trains were running to Broxbourne. Growl.

Still off I was and my about 8:30 I was at Hyde Park. Since Apsley House didn't open until 10am I went for a walk around Hyde Park.

The entrance to Hyde Park

Lots of birds about. The Lakes holding lots of Geese, Swans and Tufted Duck.

I won't waffle on just enjoy the view.

One woman got a shock to find she was being accosted!!

The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial fountain.

I managed to find a Yellow-Legged Gull and at one point had 4 Great Spotted Woodpecker s in a tree!

10am duly arrived and Apsley House. It was the London home of the Duke of Wellington. It isn't big but FEEL the qaulity. Some wonderful China and Silver and the Paintings! Tenniers, Carravagio, Valazquez, Rubens, etc!! Supeb collection.


One of many war memorials.

Another view of Apsely House.

This used to be the entrance to Buckingham Palace until it moved.

From outside Buckingham Palace looking toward Westminster. You can see Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Gates at St James' Park

Buckingham Palace

A resident of St James' Park.

One of the Pelicans that was caught eating a Feral Pigeon!

St James' has a collection. Don't suppose I can tick the Emperor Goose.

Horseguards Parade. These are the Blues!

The other end of St James' looking back towards Buckingham Palace.

Westminster Abbey. Started by Edward the Confessor pre Norman conquest. The towers are by Hawksmoor (can't remember the exact early 18th century).

St Margarets Church. The Church of Parliament.

The North Door to the Abbey.

Big Ben.

Democracy in Action. The anti-war campaigner.

The cenotaph.

As near as I could get to 10 Downing Street.

Momument to the Woman of World War II

The Banquetting Hall which is normally open except there was an official function on. Drats!!

The Blues have gone here are the Royals.

The cabinet office.



The London Eye

The Houses of Parliament. But you know that.

Not very grand St George's RC Cathedral Southwark. Originally designed by Pugin it was badly damaged during World War II. Inside it was surprisingly nice given the dull exterior.

The London Skyline. St Paul's, the Nat West Tower and the Gherkin.

And the otherway.

The story of why these photos are so delayed will have to wait!


oldcrow61 said...

Looks like you had quite a day. Great pictures.

Jan said...

With all the excitement over the lack of broadband, I forgot to comment on this bit. Lovely photos, but why didn't you get someone to take one of you next to the man on the horse??? ;)

Beth said...

Great pics - I've never been to London so they tug at me that someday I need to go and visit!