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Monday, February 26, 2007

Cats in Reality TV Show

You thought that they had tried everything for reality TV?

Well ten cats are competing to find their perfect owner in a reality show in the states.

The cats, who all come from shelters or rescue groups, are being filmed in a shop window until June 23rd.

As on Big Brother, the cats will have to complete tasks, and will be graded on purring and catching toy mice.

One cat will get the boot each day until a winner is chosen, but all 10 will be given a permanent home.

The American Humane Association is monitoring the wellbeing of the cat contestants during the competition.

For more see the BBC Website


Jan said...

What a novel idea. I wonder if it will be broadcast on Sky digital Animal Planet? Hope they do a dog one.....:D

Boo said...

You are joking! Whatever next?