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Monday, February 19, 2007


Some of you may remember that BT offered to upgrade my broadband for free? and that I accepted the offer but then cancelled it when I saw the one off £30 charge.

I had inklings that BT were going to screw up but every phone call said it was fine.

So I had a feeling of dread when on Saturday morning I had no broadband. Upon returning from London still no broadband.

The technical support took me through various set up procedures and then announced that I didn't have a broadband account.

Me - Yes I do I was on it last night!
Them - no you don't I'll put you through to sales.

anyway got through got cut off got through got cut off

ON THE FOURTH TIME OF TRYING. The bloke said that they had deleted my broadband in error. Hang on a mo he'd sort it out. He returned! Ok done, they deleted the broadband but left the billing account (you DO surprise me). Ok he said I've suspended payment for the 9 days you will be off.

Pardon? It'll take 9 days to reconnect. YOU ARE KIDDING!! No he said I'll arrange for compensation. Of course if I was the director of BT it would be back on the next day.

So BUGGER. I am internetless for 9 days !!


KAZ said...

Poor Pete - No broadband - I'd have to 'top myself'!

Jan said...

Wot's up with using PAYG dial up for an hour or so a night? That's what I had to do when I was broadbandless! It's only gonna cost you 60p, come on, don't be a tight arse! In any case, when PlusNet can't provide you with broadband because of a technical hitch, they give a free 0800 dial up number, surely bt do the same? If not, complain like hell.

mart said...

competition time as to what the letters 'BT' stand for...

Beki said...

BT are very close to the top of my 'crap services' list!

Andy said...

Cheers for the vid tip Pete

nicola said...

bt = big turds :)