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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Adhoc Ramblings

I was nearly home last when a warning light came on in the car. It was some odd shape with the word CHECK underneath and it was in orange. OH FUDGE DUCK!! I carried on regardless (only half a mile) and then checked the manual. Malfunction Indicator Light. Well duh! Found the blurb didn't sound dangerous. Luckily they were still at the garage and the woman on the service desk said it wasn't a problem to drive. It goes in Thursday. Oh its all to do with emission level.

Jan has asked why I don't use dial up in my broadbandless state. "Don't be a tight ass". Well you know I don't have dial up installed!! Could I use chat on dial up? There was a wanadoo dial up disk in my welcome back but could I go back to something THAT slow? I am getting through my books a bit quicker!

On Saturday I received a letter from Essex Wildlife Trust asking if I had a will and would I consider making a bequest to them. Obviously this is a growth industry since I opened the Radio Times to find a similar advert from the RSPB. I daresay the National Trust will be on to me soon.

Before any solicitors reading this think they may get some business I do have a will.

And on a note to leave the Hogsters amongst you cheering. It is expected Scottish National Heritage will stop the Uist Hedgehog cull today.


nicola said...

dont forget the nicola charity in your will, please give generously ;000000

Jan said...

It must be that time of year - they think we are all going to pop our clogs and leave our money to someone else - I got one from the Woodland Trust yesterday asking the same thing. I already had one from the Dog's Trust a week or so ago. Oooh decisions, decisions, who do I leave my fifty quid to?

And by the way, yes you can use dial up on Yahoo chat, I did, doesnt make the slightest difference to speed, but if you want to be antisocial for 9 days, carry on..... :p

Eagleseagles said...

Bet you realise how much time you spend on the net -- now?

Fortunately you can get access from work so you are not too hard done by!!

Thinking of a little wander to see a Smew now.....and or a Little Bunting...