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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Lavenham Guildhall and Melford Hall

Thankfully it was a bit cooler today (it was very hot yesterday).

So where to? Well Lavenham Guildhall had a new scone of the month and the duck was tweeted to this effect.

I wonder how many people would no where Burnt Mill Station is! Today Burnt Mill is Harlow station and Harlow is Harlow Mill

I love these posters!

Lemon scone.... nice Lemon taste ***.5  not bad. I might be being harsh.... as it was very editble :)

Who remembers collecting these as a kid....

I like the way this building is a marriage of styles.

So Melford Hall

My view as I read.

My companion

Cheese and Chive scone **** with Cream cheese and mango chutney.


Ragged Robin said...

A lovely set of photos - the last scone looks particularly tasty :) I collected Brooke Bond cards :)The railway poster reminds me a bit of the Shell posters on display at Upton House.

The Quacks of Life said...

I collected Brooke Bond cards as well :)