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Saturday, January 05, 2019


I haven't been birding properly for ages.... I've had the odd Sunday afternoon stroll around Rye Meads but that's it.

It was cold, grey and very dull and I almost didn't bother but I arrived at Amwell first the time in years!!

I was rewarded by a sighting (distant) of a Bittern! Other birds seen? Goldeneye, Wigeon, Chiffchaff (an over wintering bird) lots of Great Crested Grebe and lots of your standard stuff.


Common Gull


Blue Tit



Grey Heron

Great Crested Grebe

Mute Swan

I wandered back to the view point and this Little Egret was being nice to photographers bemoaning the light.

So I wandered to Rye Meads (which is just down the road).

Highlights here? Siskin, Kingfisher and Great Spotted Woodpecker oh and approx 150 Lapwings

Great Tit

Great Spotted Woodpecker, it was just beyond the Kingfisher bank so distant.

Enjoyable if ruddy cold!

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Ragged Robin said...

A lovely set of images Pete and a good start for the 2019 bird list (if you keep one!) :)