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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rollright Stones, Coughton Court and Kiftsgate

The Rollright stones are on the outskirts of the village I'm staying in.

They weren't all erected at the same time and are really collection of 3 different monuments. The plaques give you further information about both the history and the legends regarding the monuments.

The first to be erected is the Whispering Knights a dolmen (neolithic tomb) about 4500 years ago.

The next to be erected was the King's Men. This built in the late Neolithic or early bronze age. Some of the stones were re-erected in 1882.

The King's Stone is of uncertain date and purpose.

Next to Coughton Court.

Woodland walk...

There are two churches in the grounds and thereby hangs a tale.

This is the CofE

The Throckmorton family were Roman Catholics who refused to attend Anglican services at the time of the reformation. The Hall was involved in the Throckmorton Plot to assassinate Elizabeth I in 1583 and the gun powder plot of 1605 (some of the plotters rode to the hall on discovery).

Due to this recusancy the family had little funds to improve the house and it remained largely unchanged until the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829. Which explains why they were able to build the Roman Catholic Church, it was built in 1857

The CofE church contains some family monuments.

The formal garden is very pretty. The house is owned by the National Trust but the family have a 300 year lease. The family managed the property  for a time. On my first in 1989 (Mum had JUST turned 60 and  I asked for a concessionary rate which is how I remember) you could gain entry using both an NT or HHA (and yes the NT don't do a concessionary rate) card. On a later visit the garden was a separate fee and was HHA only. This has all changed as I believe the NT manage the site and the garden is included.

BTW I am not convinced my scone was freshly baked.... it certainly tasted like it had been microwaved....

It was busy and I wanted somewhere quieter and went to Kiftsgate Garden which was fairly busy but it is DEFINITELY worth a visit it always amazes how many people visit Hidcote but don't to Kiftsgate!!

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Two of my favourite places - the Rollright Stones have such a special atmosphere and I really do love Coughton Court especially the rose garden area that the family used to look after. (Never been that impressed with cakes at CC though!).

Have been to Hidcote twice but never to Kiftsgate - ought to try and remedy that as I am long overdue a return to Hidcote.

Have a safe journey home.