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Monday, May 28, 2018

Still reading physical books

As I mentioned  I am reading  physical books at the moment. The reason for this is there are some books that I bought ages ago second hand that I am of a mood to read that mostly aren't available on e-readers.

I have just finished the best of Eric Frank Russell enjoyable stuff Russell was a British writer who was a mainstay of the SF magazine Astounding in the 1940's and 50's and it is a good introduction to his work. I also finished the Moons of Jupiter the 5th of Isaac Asimov's Space Ranger series (written for teenagers). The book I am reading at the moment is They Shall Have Stars the first volume of James Blish Cities in Flight series. Now I could get this for the Kindle (as an omnibus edition) but as I have all 4 volumes in paperback.... about 30 pages in and very promising 1950's SF. 

I don't expect this trend for physical to continue I am just clearing up a few books I have not got a round to over the years that I now have the urge to read and not sure how long it'll take. 

I have to say I am enjoying going back to 1940-50's SF. It is amusing to read these views of the future, they envision flights to other planets but not touch screens. There is blatant sexism, the little woman etc etc which modern readers will find jarring but these are stories of there time. Often they lack the writing skills of modern writers but they have an energy and economy of pages that modern writers lack. They tell a good story.


Rye Meads

I went to Rye Meads for the first time in AGES today!

Birds seen? Hobby, Red Kite, Redshank, Wigeon, Cetti Warbler, Reed Warbler, Blackcap etc There were more Terns on the rafts than I've seen for a few years.....

Nice to see some flutters and dragon/damsel flies I don't think I've seen that many this year...

Sunday, May 27, 2018


What a lovely day! I took sir out for a ride and as ever we ended up at Clare. I went for a stroll whilst dad took his deck chair and sat watching people feed the ducks by the river.

I was the other side of the river and wondered what he was looking at..... ducks!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Audley End

Bizarrely I haven't been to Audley since March on a day when it snowed!

I arrived as it opened but alas it misty!

This is the chicken area! these Mallards are taking advantage!

My view as I read.... and the sun started to burn through! Oh I am reading a physical book one of those best of SF short story collections I talked about a while back. Eric Frank Russell in case you are interested.

Audley was built on the site of Walden Abbey. The house was built for entertaining King James I by the Earl's of Suffolk and was a prodigy house. It was bought by Charles II for use as a home when he went to the racng at Newmarket. It was returned to the Suffolk's in 1701 and over the next century reduced to its current size. It may still be an impressive building but what you see today is a 1/3 of what was built!

The Polish branch of the SOE was based here and this is a monument to the 108 poles who died in the service.

Not a bad place to watch the world go by!