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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Henry Moore Foundation

I decided to stay local and have a wander to the Henry Moore Foundation at Perry Green it contains a collection of the works of sculptor Henry Moore in the gardens and landscape around his former home. Some of the fields have sheep which at the moment have lambs!

I'm not a huge Moore fan but the sculpture works rather well in this setting.

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Ragged Robin said...

Lovely to see the lambs. Not overkeen on Henry Moore's work myself but can see what you mean about them working in the settings.

Have been reading recently of an art exhibition in your area - you may have heard of it but if not its called "Munnings and the River". Runs from 30th March to 31st October at the Munnings Art Museum in Dedham. Not sure if there is a charge? but sounds interesting. If only I lived nearer!! :)