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Sunday, January 28, 2018


I went to Flatford this morning. I didn't have long there but it is nice to get out and it was a decent day!!

Chocolate, Orange and Marzipan

The large pond had lots of Shoveler duck on it.... never seen so many on it.

Sir had been walking up and down the ward with his frame.... he must have done 200ft in one journey. I hope the physios will walk him unaided as I'm sure he can he just needs his confidence built but even my glass is 1% empty dad can see he is much improved.

Saturday, January 27, 2018


Well sir still in hospital but getting stronger. The nurses are upbeat and he'll be home next week or the week after. 

His gate got damaged in the storm and the chap came over today to give an estimate so I never got out til 12 and as visiting time is 2.... I drove to Saffron and went for a quick walk around Audley. Still I've done all my and washing and ironing. Friends will find this hilarious. Dad hates being dependent on me! 

There's going to be a good display!

Tomorrow will be somewhere different from Audley promise!

Monday, January 22, 2018


It was snowing! Not hard but still.

I went to Ickworth for a stroll. It was grey and ruddy cold!

As you can see there were a few branches down throughout the estate.

The scone was poppy seed with a hint of lemon.... nice!

When I came out the snow was getting harder !

I arrived in Saffron early so went for a coffee.

Dad is a little better. He stands much better than he was a week ago. Hopefully tomorrow they'll start the physio and.... still I am much more content than I was a week ago,

So food..... 4pm is too early so I went for a coffee..... so what to have? I was tempted to take fish & chips to the car but it was cold and so I wandered into Ask Italian and had a nice meal.