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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Tretower Court & Castle and Llananthony Priory

I had assumed I do today's trip when I'm in Hay-on-Wye next month but why put off tomorrow....

Tretower Court and Castle is a fascinating site. The castle was begun by a Norman named Picard in the late 11th Century. Tretower Court is a 14th century hall house which was extended around 1450 by Sir Roger Vaughan. It is a rare survival few buildings like this survive today I wish it could be fully restored, although that may be a controversial view. The property it reminds me of is Stokesay Castle in Shropshire.

Before going in I espied this chap!

Llanthony Priory is secluded! Whereas Tintern is buzzing with tourists Llananthony had only one or two cars!

When Kilvert came here he was appalled to find someone else visiting. "of all noxious animals the most noxious is a tourist; and of all tourists the most vulgar; illbred, offensive and loathsome is the British Tourist".

 It is an Augustinian foundation (the first in Wales). But despite its seclusion the abbey is still in use the Abbots old residence became a retreat in the regency and today is a hotel.

I am a bit miffed as there is a good church in the area (Welsh churches not in the book) that I meant to visit but forgot about!!! GRR!!

So that is my wales trip done. I meant to show you Chepstow, Caerphily and Caldicott Castles and never did hey ho been a good 4 days tomorrow it is Somerset/Wiltshire.

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Ragged Robin said...

Another two super places - so enjoying your posts :) Love that quote by Kilvert! Must admit I have his Diary and it is one of those books I have never got round to reading - really must rectify that!

Sorry you missed the church and look forward to your Somerset/Wiltshire posts.