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Friday, August 18, 2017

Gunby Hall, Tattershall Castle & Ewerby Church

I wasn't sure where to go to today but decided to head for Gunby Hall. I knew that the house wasn't open but I rather like the garden which is one of my favourites in the care of the National Trust.

Gunby was built in 1700 by the Massingbird Family.

Gunby's location is a bit isolated and it is miles from other NT properties.Whereas Belton Hall was heaving the other day there were only 20 cars in the car park when I left at 1:30. The lack of visitors means there isn't much of a cafe and  I kind of wonder if head office have forgotten about it! But that is no bad thing as it a lovely quietish day out.... one of my top NT properties to visit.

I then went to Tattershall Castle. It was built in 1231 but rebuilt in brick between 1430 and 1450 and apparently contains 700,000 bricks.

Nice views from the top!

The Collegiate church of Tattershall which I have been in before!

I have tried to get in to Ewerby church many times but never found the keyholder in but this afternoon? Result!!

867 St Andrew, Ewerby

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Ragged Robin said...

The gardens at the first property look really delightful and good to hear of a quiet NT property!!! Super butterfly pics too. Ooh!! Church no. 867!! :)