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Sunday, August 13, 2017


I have a house guest.....

As regular readers know Mr Quacks has his own twitter account, there is a very active furry twitter community and I have made some good friends as a result. Hi Rebecca and Stuart!

One furry friend is an Australian Elephant called Ellivia who was visiting the UK with a family friend and on the day before they were due to fly out went missing between their hotel in York and London. An appeal was put out on twitter but no luck..... 3 days later amongst other things a bus was mentioned on twitter and as a last throw of the dice I rung First York bus company and they had Ellivia!! Ellivia's family are coming back to the UK in October and I have her in my care! First York were excellent not only posting her to me at their expense but printing her a bus drivers licence, a journey maker badge  and posting pics on twitter. The chief exec included a nice letter with her. First York have gone up immensely in my esteem.

So expect to see pics of Ellivia with Quacks for the next few weeks. YES YES I'm a total idiot but with certain people threatening Nuclear Armageddon I'm a good idiot!

Anyway off to Flatford. It was the mill to mill swimming race so I expected the tearoom to be busy later so I went straight for the carrot cake scone....

Another guest!

So off to walk off the scone

Good day lovely weather!


Tricia Ryder said...

It really is such a lovely story and great that you spent your time to track down Ellivia so successfully and yes.. bus company really entered into the spirit of things... we could do with more of this type of occasion given the horrors going on elsewhere.

Thanks for the fairytale that has such a happy ending!!

Ragged Robin said...

Such a lovely story about Ellivia - so glad you tracked her down well done and good to hear of First York being so helpful and kind :) Lovely photos of Flatford -look forward to seeing more of Ellivia while she is staying with you :)