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Friday, July 14, 2017


I was off today so where to? I thought I'd go somewhere different and went to Duxford.

There has been an aerodrome at Duxford since 1918. During World War II it was where Douglas Bader was based and was part of Leigh-Mallory's "Big Wing" and later was assigned to the US Airforce.

After WWII it was used up until 1961 when it was abandoned. It was used as a location for the filming of the film Battle of Britain. I one time the Ministry of Defence planned to dispose of Duxford but plans for a prison and sports centre were never finalised.

Today Duxford is owned by the Imperial War Museum and is home to the Imperial War Museum Duxford and the American Air Museum.

I went inside a De Haviland Comet. A much more elegant form of flying.

Slightly more up market than now

A Lancaster has used in the Dambusters raid at the Ruhr dams.


There isn't a lot of room in it!

The Concorde at Duxford was a test plane.

that Comet!

The American Air Museum

This is a V1 or Doodlebug

This RAF crashed during WWII was left in the sand for decades.

Now restored.

Now I will admit I only went to Duxford as my friend Rebecca is a curator and she had worked on the new DX17 exhibit. I will admit being highly sceptical but it is very evocative and being immersed in darkness and hearing voices from the past via the lights works!

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