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Monday, June 19, 2017

Boscastle and Tintagel

I picked my friend Jan up this morning and we headed to Boscastle.

For those who remember Boscastle was hammered/devastated by floods in 2004... today you'd never know!!! When you see how high the tides went!!

First thing a drink!! Not a bad view!

Where's OC!!! Witchcraft museum!

A royal cheese scone! Quacks is in a generous mood! The staff though were lovely.

So where next? I suggested Tintagel (insane!!)

Yes we walked to the top in SILLY temperatures... here is Jan making sure that as she has had to get there that she'll take some photos!!

After getting to the bottom we were faced with the long walk back up a steep hill to town or paying £2 each for a landrover ride.... yeah right!!!

The old post office!

 We wandered back to Jan's home town had a cuppa with her friend Kim and her lovely dog Rocky before I head home!

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